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Maier plastics

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Just looking for a little info on the Maier plastics. I've done a search and see that the overall opinion is that their a sloppy fit. I went ahead and bought the Fighting Red rear and front fenders anyway...

Question, does anyone know if I'll have to order more OEM parts to fit the new fenders, ie bolts, rubber seat mounts, etc. etc.? I plan to try and get them on this weekend and need to know if I have to make a trip into the local Honda dealer.

Any help would be great.

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I for one did not have any problems with my Maier plastic and I did buy some extra bushings, screws and nut plates so when I switch back to the OEM, it's a piece of cake to swap them out. The bushings for the top headlight cover and the side gas tank, the nut plates are the ones on the gas tank and I also purchase the bushings that goes between the seat the plastic (big ones) and the ones that hold the tail light. Well worth the cost.

Here's a link of my beast,
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