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Me and my sons VXCS x country races this past weekend.

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My 9 year old son had another x country race this weekend and did pretty good for being sick and kinda out of it. They race the 50cc 6-8 yr olds and the 70-90cc 8-13 yr olds together. He came in 2nd in the 70-90 class. He got up close and personal with a couple trees. haha

Myself, my wife, and a couple friends decided to race in the adult quad C class just for the hell of it. It was pretty wet and sloppy, and the race started out in an enduro type course that was pretty entertaining. Here is the first 6 mins of the first lap from my helmet cam.

And here is my video of shame. I got a flat tire that didn't help my steering any, then after hitting a tree or two, it got worse as I bent a tie rod. When I hit the last tree, it just wouldn't turn anymore. Haha

I just put my 3 tree incidents in one video.

Of the 4 of us that raced the adult classes, my wife is the only one that finished, and she actually won the womens class. haha

Here is my wife on the enduro portion of the course.

Her almost going over the top! haha

Me trying to make it do something in the slop.

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Great racing! Looks like everyone has a terrific time. Those trees have a way of jumping out in the front you. Thanks for all the exciting videos.
Thanks Sid. It doesnt help when you cant turn to get out of the way when they jump out there either! haha
Cant wait to get you some videos of Braden with a peppier motor!
That makes two of us. Will this make him ride in a different class?
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