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Kinda curious to what the forum members are running .
You can post any mod to the motor whether it be running without the airbox lid ,differant spark plug,slip on exhaust or all the way upto 08700xx mods with Nos.
Also post how you thought it improved the 700xx. :D

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Cp piston
Ehs ported head
+1 int/ex valves
Excaliber cam
Hardwelded rockers/springs
Barkers exhaust
Ehs lid/all vents
Ehs programmer
Uni filter
DiD chain
13 t sprocket

Plan on writing formal review once i fix my gd computer. All the pics are on it.

Def 2 thumbs up though.

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I have the following

CP 11:1 Piston
WEB 290 cam
Hardwelded rockers
Ported +1 Head by Bo White
HDD +3 Throttle body
Sparks X6 Exhaust
Dynojet PC5

This setup is amazing. The web cam really brings in the power and revs to the moon. Even on the rev limiter the bike is still pulling. I run a 15 tooth in the front and the bike will still pull wheelies in 4th and 5th gear. Throttle response is very quick as well. I also had to get a stronger battery to turn the motor over.
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