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ok before I start this id like to say ive used motosport in the past with great results their customer service is usually spot on.

I ordered some parts for my bike (top plastic) and some random gear (lenses)

my order was held up because the oakley lens I wanted was on back order no problem i had over a month before race season im good

after almost month went by I called them and they said next week ok good its gitting down to the wire (I need that plastic to do my graphix)I tried to get them to send the patial order and I got "we cant due to paypal we cant split it now" fine its only a week
ok the week went by and I got an email they cant ship my order due to paypal expired and I have to give them a new form of payment naturally I was pissed so I called them now they cant take paypal so I had to put it on my card guess the guy I talked to last week didnt know paypal expires or I could have got my order split then

ok finally parts arrived I have 2 weeks before my 1st race open the box and they sent me the wrong color plastic I called again ok the plastic is labled wrong on thier web site it was labled as chaos black but both were labled chaos black the only way to signify the color was the first letter in the part # S or R guess if it didnt say chaos black bigger than $#it I might have noticed that

Ok so whats my options well the one I ordered was the cheapest one so naturally he starts acting like sending me the other one will cost more uhh no... the actual chaos black for the 09 model that isnt listed on thier site is outragously priced at 150.00 and the stock silver for my bike is 65.00 I paid 45.00 for the one I got

to make the long story short
my order was delayed for 1 item they couldnt split it due to payment then I had to pay a different way anyway and the parts were not what I wanted and they want me to pay the difference in price to get the parts I want...

not only that my race is next weekend and I dont have my graphix done or parts to put the graphix on :haha:

on a positive note the lens they waited over a month on is awesome its an iridium fire lens looks good and makes running through the woods so much clearer

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I am having a similar problem with Babbits.
Ordered all the parts I needed for the motor rebuild, Ordered on 23rd of Feb.
Delivery date 28th Feb for $180.
After 2 emails , I got a tracking number , they posted on the 3rd March and arrive on 9th March. 11 days before a TT round. Real Cute !
If I had ordered through Thupertalk store , It may have cost me $100 more but arrive on 1stMarch.
Kinda pissed at Babbits as I have heard good things , here in the UK.
Going back to Thumpertalk.
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