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What is the proper way to read the plugs. Do you get 3 new plugs. 1st plug let it idle on jack stand, 2nd just cruise and 3rd WFO. I can't figure the controller out whatsoever. I've adjusted it one at a time and the damn tip is still white. The bottom is kinda sooty.
Not on a stand, it needs to be under a load.

Read here, this is just the first article I found and there are better ones out there.
plugs will tell you alot about the way an engine is
running. The throttle chop means to
kill the engine quickly after a hard run.
The plugs will "remember"
that last 30 seconds or so of combustion.
Just run at the speed you want to check plug
condition at and then quickly pull in the clutch
and kill or "chop" the throttle and the engine.
Then read the plugs as usual, black=rich, white=lean
or hot, tan/brown=good etc.
Again, you wouldn't want to do this on a stand at all.

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