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Mounting tires

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Anyone mount thier own tires? I bought the set of Douglas/OMF beadlocks about a month ago from JD400 on another site and just got back in town to mount them up. Any tips would be great.Going to swap the stock ones for now till more are available.

Also, I found that a set of Bulldog motorcycle stands, for swingarm spools and fork bottoms work geat to lift and support the 700. Slide them under the frame at the shock mounts in the font and under the arms or skid pates if you have them on the rear and up she goes.
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I believe mounting tires on beadlocks is very simple. I've mounted a set on Hiper beadlocks in the past and it's very simple since the bead is removable.
Finally got them on. Man, I love the new look, but they are way too clean....for now

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