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i would not recommend the expandi-foam method above. dont know if you ever used that stuff, but certain brands are damn near impossible to get off.

for "easily removable" back- get some dense foam, cut it slightly larger than wheel opening, stuff it in there

honestly for the fronts, i have no idea, dont know anyone that runs mud plugs on front wheels

for "semi-perminant"
back- cut a piece of plastic ( i would use something not completely rigid so you dont cracking it) out the size if the wheel, drill holes to match beadlock bolts, remove beadlock bolts, bolt down ( could run bead of silicone around to make it practically water tight, but i dont see the point as you still have hole around hub.

Front- could do the same thing if those outer bolts are removeable.

hell, you could combine the two, stuff foam in, then bolt on a plastic cover, foam inside would keep some mudd from coming thru around the hub.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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