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Mud Plugs/Mud Covers

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I have spoken to Bones at OMF wheels, and Scott at Dwt wheels and they both told me that they do not manufacture factory Mud Covers for my front or rear wheels.
I am going to have to make some home grown mud covers.

Come ATV gurus; grace me with your ideas. Please.

This is what im dealing with:

Front wheel

Rear wheel

The whole picture

I want to make mud plugs/ mud covers for front and back wheels. I have been trying to brainstorm on what i should do but haven't had a idea good enough to follow through with. If you have any ideas on materials and attachment points please share them with me. I would like to hear it all.

the front wheels are 10'' and the rear wheels are 11''
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1. Spray the rim with a heavy coat of PAM.

2. Tape cardboard over the face of rim.

3. Cut a small hole in cardboard.

4. Insert tip of expanding foam in hole and fill.

5. Wait 5min and remove cardboard.

6. Spraypaint foam black for bling effect

7. Race quad
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