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It was fun, but wow can you say "arm/hand pump!"?

I cleared some good jumps and got some nice air...but that wasn't where I got all tired and stuff. (soory no pictures)

It was the (as I can hear trailin me chime in) bumps in the course.

For MX this thing needs a sway bar and a steering stabilizer.


Three wheel.


Two wheel.

Repeat for each corner.

Oh, and if you remove the front fender...pray you don't kabob your knee when you wreck. It's BY FAR not this old man's kinda riding, but it was fun for the day.

I like sand, drag racing technical trails and gravel/sand/coal pits.


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ahhh imagine a steering dampener ... anti-roll bars ... and aftermarket shocks... install all those and you hear the "general lee" horn ... dont have those installed and you hear "wree wree wree wreeeeem" from lets make a deal lol.
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