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well I've been racing my ktm lately because my 700 was broke so now that the ktm is broke im back on the 700 and after being on such a light quad the 700 bit me in the arse well first on the take off the light suzuki 450's i was racing got the holeshot. so we come to the first corner and they decide to basicly stop in front of me so i tried to dive inside and take the corner in the grass but lurking in the tall grass was a haybale and it pitched the bike over when my left front climmed it played catch up the rest of the race on the last lap i was just behind second place and over shot a corner and went head on into a tree about 3-4" in diameter luckily i was on the 700 and the beast completely uprooted the tree and i put it in reverse and finished the race

after a quick inspection of the quad the bumper tabs were not bent anymore than normal and the front bumper just had a few more scratches than normal so tree-0/ me- yeah i hurt like hell/ 700-2 lol
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