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my 700xx in snow

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Finally got the picture into the post. Had allot of fun on this day in the snow. The 700 does quite well in the snow. See it is a real XX.
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Your picture isn't showing...

I cannot seem to get the picture to show up.
Try using a remote webshots or photo bucket. Webshots even sets up the URL code so all you have to do is cut and paste it in the post. It saves on bandwidth for this site when the pictures are hosted on another site.

The picture will show up like thumbnails.

PM me if you need some help setting it up.
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Thanks KTM265 for the info. I finally got it to post.
No problem... Where are those pictures taken?
Cool pic.

FYI, there are better photo hosting site out there than webshots. You may want to look at them as they make picture losting, linking and sharing much easier.

I think they all make if easy now days, even Youtube makes it click and paste for videos.
The picture was taken in Oregon about 50 miles east of Salem in june.
We go up to this area near Detroit lake and camp and ride all the time on logging roads.
Soon we will be back into the snow and I'll let you know how it is in the fluffy stuff.
By the way I always ride with a helmet. Its just not in the pic.
My 700xx when it was virgin

This was April 28th. New and only ridden in the parking lot.
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Send RPM a PM, he lives in your area. He's got a little group that rides all over the place out there. They are all a bunch of Yam riders but who cares so long as you're having fun.

I lived in Coos Bay for a while, beautiful area of the country...ocean on one side, mountains on the other. Do you got to the OR Dunes much?
great photos of you and your xx, if you dont mind me asking are you an older guy, its hard to tell in your pics but it looks like you may be. thats awesome if yu are, i like to see older guys still tearing it up on the fast quads! I'm gettin there Im 33! :disgust:
Yes I am a 51 and love riding quads. Only started three years ago. I grew up riding dirt bikes. Spent 23 years in the Army and only have one regret. I got away from riding long ago and should not have.

Now its quads and ride any time I can.
I started out on bikes when I was 26...switched over to quads and MX raced those and now I'm back to the bikes.
Good to see you out there, thanks for the pics! :tup:
I am 47 now and just did a 6hour race XC on my new 700XX. I finished 3rd out of 25 quads and 24th overall out of 180 Quads and bikes mixed, all racing together at the same time!
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