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Whats up everyone? My name is Cody,Im pretty new to posting on the thread but do a TON of research to help me out,dont know where i would be without some of ya,anyways ill explain what all i have done to my 700xx,

2008 trx700xx(red & black)
Itp rims all around front holeshots and back rzr2s
I have a slip on hmf pipe(plan to get a header would like some input)
Ehs fuel programmer
K&n high flow intake
Alba berf bars all black
Would like to go down to a 13 tooth sproket cause i do alot of trail riding and i always find myself workin the clutch unnormally,so im going to change my two sprokets and chain while im in everything aince ive had it for nearly 3 years i would for sure like some input about getting my sproket and chain setup.
Big plans to start doing some motor work,pistion cam,port&polish,valve job, etc
I guess you could just call this a rambling parts thread,anways thanks in advance!
New levers would be nice to,thinking about asv levers and removing my parking brake and "declutter" my bars.
So just any feedback would be good and all honest opinions are welcomed

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