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Hey, I'm a new member from Nebraska. Picked up my 700xx back in October and love it. I was wondering if there are any other Nebraska members on here because I'm always looking for new places to ride in the area since we do not have much. It is too bad, I think it would really catch on up here. Seeing what has been available at dealers I have a feeling I have one of the few 700xx's in the state, but after owning mine for a few months I know they'll catch on.

Here in Nebraska most of the riding area is privately owned and one of the worst states to be in if you love riding. I have a lot of land back home but I'm stuck in Omaha. Our state off-highway vehicle program is working to open up more areas so hopefully we'll have that soon.

Anyway, if anyone is from the area, I'm always looking for someone to go riding with.
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Welcome aboard!!! Don't feel bad New York State sucks when it comes to trails too!
Man i'd love to go ride up there!
Here's a site that you may want to visit that may help you find places to ride:

Cool, thanks Scuzz. Where at 5W0P3? Nebraska or New York? We have a lot of great places to ride up here that are all privately owned. Mostly around ponds and some wide creeks but its always fun to go out to public areas where and see all the different quads and meet new people. Plus, we only have 180 acres here and 120 acres there that we have to drive 5-10 miles between them for a full days riding instead of staying in one spot.
Cool, thanks Scuzz. Where at 5W0P3? Nebraska or New York?
Either! haha
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