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Need a complete engine

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Looking for any info on anyway to get a complete engine for my 2008 700xx
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I've only seen it pop up on eBay a couple years ago but it might be pretty hard or even close to impossible to find one. Might have to repair yours or take it to a shop
Well mine is destroyed. 4th gear came apart and the entire stack of gears in the transmission went with it so when that happened it slung a chunk through the case and broke the rod with then locked the motor down so she is done. I might have found one on Instagram from a guy for 2k but the one on ebay was 2500 and had a 90 day warranty but its gone already.
2k is a pretty decent price for one. I definitely spent way more rebuilding it.
Yeah thats what I figured. I got to pricing everything and it was a good bit more than 2k and that wasn't even including the case.
I have one. In St. Louis.
OK. How much and is it a good engine?
Hold up

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I have one
Ok awesome!! Whereabouts you located?
Ok awesome!! Whereabouts you located?
Los Angeles Ca
Los Angeles Ca
Well that's about as far as possible from here!! Lmao!! I'm in Greenville South Carolina!!
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