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Installed Nerfbars on my XX this w/e and on my wifes 250EX.

Honda Racing on the XX. Went on banging, bending, or forcing anything. The straps are a bit of a PIA to get on around the frame but are just the right length and fit perfectly. Overall pretty sharp.

Tusk on the 250..didn't line up, a lot of banging with the ol rubber mallet..Gave up and took them over to a friend's house that is a electrician and used his conduit bender to get them right. OOps missing some hardware as well- off to the auto parts store to get a muffler clamp U bolt and some misc. locking nuts. 4 hours later it's on and looks OK. Made of mild steel instead of aluminium like the Hondas, so will have to keep an eye on it to prevent rust. Look and work ok, but i won't be buying anything from Tusk soon.

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