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So after I crashed a while back I had to remove the front plastic fender because the holes that the bolts to hold it were ripped off when it rolled it also broke the bumper off. I know some people on here like the look without the front fenders but I just really didn't like the way my xx was looking so I welded a little bumper out of 1" square tube and left it at that for a while then one night while I was cleaning out my garage I just decided to make the front fender plastics fit so i started cutting and got them to fit and then it just looked awful and the fender wasn't held in the front so it was real real loose so I came up with what is in the pictures let me know what you guys think. I am not completely done I wanted to see how I liked it and then I was going to weld it better and grind it smooth so it looks a little rough right now but that is not the final product. :xx:



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