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Hey everyone I upgraded the forums to vBulletin which should be a lot easier to use and better looking. I don't know about you but I really didn't like the other brand that we were using.

Hope everyone enjoys the site more now!

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just noticed are avators and sigs are gone, do we have to do them again?
Looks good, Vbulletin is a good program... I use it on a couple of forums I admin on.
i like it still need to add my avtor back on.
have not been here in awhile looks alot better, good work! :tup:
i like it still need to add my avtor back on.
vBulletin is top notch. I have my own as well. - highly modded.
Don't forget that you can now promote sites within google. Help us out everyone (please)

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I am having problems with this forum clearing the red wing on the home page when I click the small last post icon to read a post, even if there has only been one post added. I have to actually go to the home page, then click the forum header and then go back home and the red wing is cleared.

We use phpbb 3 "olympus" on our neighborhood forum, it is solid.
Really? That's your idea of helpful?
Most forums I've been on clear the flag automatically when they are read.
I am a mod on another forum and I am familiar with how they work, I didn't need your useless screen capture.
I can assure you scuzz was only trying to help, I don't know why you're taking offense to it. You had a problem, and he told you how to solve it.

Lighten up.
Yep, just trying to help and have a little fun with it.

I wasn't making fun of you.

@Admin, I do not see where you assume I took offense, nor where I come off as having to "lighten up"? What I am saying is that this is a possible bug, is there a setting you may be overlooking on the admin panel?
That's fine, but you can't tell me that saying "I didn't need your useless screen capture" is the right tone to take with someone that is trying to help you.
Then to scuzz I apologize if I offended by saying your post was a bit too obvious to help me out. Now if Admin would like to talk about the bug, I was able to duplicate it on two machines, PC w/IE, and a Mac w/Safari.
Love the site guys.......better than others.........

Can I suggest you have a look at expanding the Tech part of your forum. At the moment it's basicly "engine" or "chassis/suspension" although they have other things in the title. I think it would be great to have another tech forum subject......"electrical, controls, wheels and tires".

It's just that "engine" or "chassis/suspension" is such a big subject that they need a section of their own but at the moment we have electrical, controls, wheels and tires in their as well. This info is really good stuff but does kind of get lost and it really is a big enough subject to get its own forum........

Keep up the good work and thanks.
@Admin, I do not see where you assume I took offense, nor where I come off as having to "lighten up"? What I am saying is that this is a possible bug, is there a setting you may be overlooking on the admin panel?
Not too try and bump heads with you but I seen it as you took offense also. Sometimes keyboards don't express our thoughts as we like, The little smiley faces say it better :birds: (j/k)
I'm not trying to bump heads with anyone either. Scuzz's response by posting the screen capture was in poor taste, especially from a moderator. My original post pointed out that I was having a problem. Scuzz assumed I had no idea how to operate a forum and wanted to be helpful, and to use his own words, "have a little fun with it." As a mod you should attempt to hold yourself to a higher standard and though with some users an obvious reply gets the point across, with others it may be taken wrong. A moderator should not at any time talk down to the forum users and that is how I took his response. It was not offensive as much as I guess I expected more of a "I'll look into it" sort of reply. I mod another forum with just over 1400 users, and about 11000 open topics. A similar response from me on our community site would have my mod duties removed by admin. I understand the whole having to have a thick skin and shrug off the people that are unable to convey a thought without being a smart ass, I guess I don't expect to have that sort of conveyance from a mod. I'm not trying to bash Scuzz either, I also understand the whole mod process takes a while to get used to. I would like to see this forum do well and I hope that it wasn't started just so a certain clique of users from the other forum could get together and have their own private little "club" so to speak. So you now know where my response came from and inserting smilies would not have helped make my point any clearer. I can shrug this off and move on, if you choose to stoke the fire then I wish you well.
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Keep this on-topic guys or move it to IM.

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