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What's happening! I'm from Louisiana...near Baton Rouge. I recently purchased a 2008 TRX700XX and I love it. I used to race motorcross, and my bike in my avatar pic. I also raced cars for a while...07 STi and 2005 SRT4. I don't know much about ridding quads, but I'm just getting into it. 4 wheels feel much better under me than 2, I know that! I look forward to learning from you guys here on 700xx, and I will be picking your brains periodically when I want to modify my bike. I'm putting a Two Brother's Exhaust on in the next day or so, so I look forward to that, but anyway. Thanks for being here


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Welcome to the site.

I will be picking your brains..."

You're assuming that any of us have any brains to pick. OK, to be fair, I'm just referring to myself on that one. Everyone else here seems to have left me in the dust in the brains department.

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