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New parts coming out in February

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i was wondering if you guys would put your knowlodge in on what parts are comeing out in February. I have been taling with Cycle Gear and Honda and i've been told that there is quite a few parts coming out next month. i know there will be tires to fit the 11" rim and motoworks is coming out with a new exhuast but when will the rest of the aftermarket manufactures catch up and start production on some more performance parts, and styling parts.
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lafayette huh ... did a lot of work with air logistics there back in the day.
HotCams will be releasing there cams late Feb or early Mar
I was guessing that it would take about a year for the aftermarket to catch up with the release of the 700xx.

The thing we have to do as a group is give them feedback so that if we get a part that sucks, they can improve it.

Motoworks will have their slip on and full system available by February.
how is the motoworks full exhaust system. im thinking about the FMF powercore 4 muffler and powerbomb header, but i would really like to see what Sparks Racing comes out with.
I too am considering the powercore, that one has a spark arrestor right? I just don't want to not be able to ride somewhere because I didn't have one on my $300 muffler.

I liked the HMF that I had on my 400EX, but I heard they were a PITA to repack. (I sold my 400EX before I needed to repack it) The HMF came with a "quiet" tip and a spark arrestor screen that was easliy removable.

the powercore 4 has a removable spark arrestor, and is supposed to be maintaincefree as far aspacking, the FMF speed muffler says its made for easy repacking. but i also read that the powercore 4 helps HP and TQ threwout the entire rpm range made for any style of ridding, the speed muffler doesn't really say how it helps in power but is easliy repacked, has a removable spark arrestor. i got this info form
I finally got my lazy azz out in the garage this weekend and got my HMF QRS pipe put on and my optimizer plugged in. It seems to be hesitating a bit when you hit the throttle, but I have only started it sitting it in the garage and have not rode it yet. I also still have to get the Velocity filter installed and the Optimizer mounted somewhere (any advice?) before I ride it. I had to take one heel guard off to get the pipe on, and I'd like to just leave it off and get my Pro Armor nerfs on too. They were supposed to ship this week, but I've been unable to get an update from them. So I might just have to put the stock heel guard back on so I can take her for a spin. As soon as I get it all installed, I'll post some pics.
I've seen them mounted on the tank, but to me that sounds like it would get in the way and whatnot, plus leave it out in the eliments. I have a buddy with a raptor and he 's now on his 2nd one because of that. (he now has it in a soap the same spot)

I would mount mine on top of the airbox, but not between the seat and airbox lid.

I've got the powercore4 and headerr, It sounds great. It still has a low tone but is quite a bit louder than stock. Not obnoxious loud at all though, I love it
I think I'm the only one in the forum still rolling stock. *cries*

i have a great place for programers if you are running fat bars or flex bars remove the pad and trace out the size of the programer cut the foam out as deep as needed so the controller sits flush wth the top of the foam so it sitts recessed in the bar pad and use the cover to conseal and protect the programer
I think I'm the only one in the forum still rolling stock. *cries*

your not alone, im still completly stock, the only thing i did to my bike was take the spark arrestor out. after the 20hr maintaince im doing the BIG 3.
Still have the my HMF optimizer for sale...
You has IM....AGAIN. (because I don't remember something)

I'm definitely not going to mount it on the handlebars. How can you possibly mount it on top of the airbox and NOT have it between the lid and the seat??

FYI - I started her up again today and ran it for a couple of minutes. It seems to be running VERY rich. It chokes down and hiccups a bit when you hit the throttle. BUT, I haven't put on the Velocity filter yet, so I've still got the stocker on. I'm sure that is why it is running so rich right now.
Like this:

That will never survive there.
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