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new powercommander V

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in three weeks the new powercommander V will be avalable with the option of auto tune attachment comes with wideabnd O2 sensor and bung
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For 09 Motorcycles only
It's all abuzz over on the raptor forums. You'll need to mount an O2 sensor too.

Running 110 gas?

Better hope it plays nice with the sensor...

The site says for motorcycles only though... Are they planning to splice the connectors?
Well, the best thing I read in those threads is that hopefully the price of a PCIII should come down.
Yeah, that was what I thought too.

Too bad I *just* bought one.

Ah well, I don't plan on selling it anyways...

its my understanding that the power commander v is for 2 piston machines ..hence the picture of the v-twin.
......and welding in an exhaust bung is a PITA.
I will be at the Dealer Expo Not this weekend but the next. I saw that Power Commander will be there with the new V. I will stop in there booth and check it out. Anything else any one is interested in me checking out?
......and welding in an exhaust bung is a PITA.
Eh, I like welding, did all this myself on my truck, straights, bends, flanges and O2 bungs... then painted.

And then made this inner tank for my, sorta hiden emmsions freindly fuel sump outa door kick plates, stainless...

Im no master at it, but I like it, and my stuff does hold together and at least look somewhat neat. :hey:

I would be very interested in having my XX run in what sounds like "closed loop".
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Blak92.....that looks the goods. Can't weld but wish I could.

The PC-V won't be a closed loop system; I suspect it won't even run in real time. I gotta check it out but I suspect you would click the PC-V in to oxy sensing mode to tune then set and forget. You would end up with about the same result as a PCIII but without use of a dyno.
Wait dont Dynojet make that and do the testing at their facility in Las Vegas?

the same facility that turned me away because my evo was "too" modifyed :lol:

jk...they were looking for stock evos last year....mine not quite stock.

Time to pay them a visit.
I just pulled the trigger and bought one! ( a PCV)

Now if I only had an exhaust with a bung built into the headpipe.......

Now if I only had an exhaust with a bung built into the headpipe.......

[hint hint Alba!] :D
Now if I only had an exhaust with a bung built into the headpipe.......
No worries if ya can weld, take it to a reputable muffler shop that installs stainless. Life is good with PCV and auto tune!:yay:


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in the pic above, how come you went so close to the header? I thought the o2 readings would be off especially on a short exhaust. Not sure, but something I remember reading about.
IMO since an O2 sensor really is just a temperature sensor you would want it as close as possible to the hot gasses for a correct reading.

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