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Ok all, I am 39 years old and have never raced before. I have riden for a long time and had many different quads over the years. I was interested in possibly running a couple hare scrambles and I have no idea where to find any info on rules, classes, safety equipment, etc... Also I have no idea where the races are held. I am in eastern PA.

My 700xx is basically all stock with the exception of the couple things in my signature.

Any help or links would be appreciated.

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Don't know about the different series in your area, but most if not all require a tethered kill switch. In that, remember, our quad needs a NC (Normally Closed) type kill switch... which is not the most common type switch. Most of the kill switches that are out there are NO (Normally Open) type... Many of these "say" they can be used with a NC system but require an install kit from Pro Armor. The problem is that Pro Armor does not offer one for a 700xx... and even if they did, it's another $24.99. Best to get a kill switch that's for a NC system in the first place. I have a Gunnar... very easy install.

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