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I just wanted to say HI! to everybody.
I just purchased a new 700xx yesterday,:yay: so I’ll be lurking around here to try and learn as much as I can.

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welcome alex ... is your g/f bipolar by chance? if not ..ever had one that was.

feel free to lurk around ... and you picked up a great quad btw ... where you from?

It's an inside joke.


Thanks guys,
No, my wife is not, anyway I can't say it now because she let me buy the quad.
I'm in Las Vegas.
I think I got a good price.
I don't know if it's OK to say prices on here, I looked but could not find any before I bought mine?
Can't wait for this weekend!

Say price way. Lemme guess, a little under 6 grand?

6,400 out the door.
thats 4000 base price!!!!
is that good?
Yeah, I bought mine in March/April of last year and prolly still owe about that much on mine. I liken it to being one of the 1st people with a new sportscar model and getting stuck with the sticker price.

It sucks to be 1st. (sorta)

Welcome... Red XX owners must raise there hand to post. Yours is black...... Isn't it?!?
Welcome, Alex. You'll like the site. You asked if mentioning the price was okay here, and you'll be happy to know the admin/moderators are very open to free discussion on about anything as long as you keep it mature. Looking forward to your posts.
Also, let us know your first impressions of the quad. It is always fun to hear about a new XX owner enjoying his/her ride.
welcome to the club, did they give you the secret hand shack yet?
I will take it out saturday and let you guys know, if it doesen't rain!
what did you guy's do for break in period (if any)?
I put on about 15 hrs on mine for break in. Mostly going through the gears and keeping the quad a constant acceleration. Let me tell you that it was a long 15 hrs waiting to see the real potential of the quad, but I like to make sure that I get a good break in. After break-in the first thing I did was change my oil.
I don’t know if I can wait for 15 hrs. Maybe 10hrs.
Welcome aboard Alex!
They're only Red and Black in the garage, out on the front line we're all Dirt Brown!

I've got about 40 miles on mine, and first impression is WOW!
I just put on a FMF "Speed" slip on muffler, sounds awesome!
Can you record how it sounds? Would you mind?

1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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