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Newbie from Bako

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Bakersfield ringin' in!! Sold the 400ex and picked up the 700xx. BIG power difference. This IRS is gonna take some time gettin used to, but my lower back is lovin' it already. Minor mods include:

- 2-Bros Pipe
- Renthals
- DG Nerfs (Were a SOB to install. Had to refab the front mounting bracket. DG Customer Service can kiss my 'xx' ass!!) :mad:

Power up...
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Welcome to the forum! :tup:

Yea DG doesnt exactly make the best quality stuff.
Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the forum
Welcome to the site...
Nice choice on the 2Bros pipe. They are awesome.
Welcome and now please take large fan outside and point it towards the northeast and turn it on high!:D Thank You
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