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ok, I am a new member and this is my first post. just recently bought my xx and love it. also agree with some of the negative reviews that people have written about, however small and fixable problems I really have not complaints other than the couple small quirks. its an overall excellent quad.

I have been researching the threads a couple days since I joined and have learned a couple of things. I also know that these questions are asked frequently but notice that there are many answers to every one of those questions.

I am going to get a complete pipe setup and tuner and air F.

#1 From what I gather the PCv is the way to go, and what I am most likely going to get. my only question to that is, must you run the o2 sensor with this? and if I read correctly the o2 sensor is and extra $200!. I don’t think I would want to pay that much for a sensor (unless the added benefit of this is a ton) if that is true then would the PC3 be just as good as the PCV w/o the o2 sensor.
You dont have to use the AutoTune feature but if you do purchase it you get the O2 sensor and tuning module.

#2 it sounds like the two best pipe set ups are the FMF and the alba. which is better?
The honest answer here is any of the major name brand exhaust will perform nearly identical. It's a choice of preferred sound and looks.

#3 I'll be going with a foam filter (less maintenance) is the uni filter the best to get?
The Uni gives you allot of bang for yer buck

#4 what aftermarket wheels (and tire size) will fit on my quad? I’ve looked at AMS sight and the itp sight. I like wheels from both manufactures but only see 10" wheels for the rear. what do I need to get for front and rear????
DWT can make you some 11" wheels, No one currently stocks them in our size and bolt pattern though

thanks in advance and I know these are repetitive questions but just cant seem to find the right answers
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