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Next Year's 2009 TRX700XX - What do you predict will be new?

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I've been wondering what they'll change for the next year (2009) or following year (2010). Usung the 450r as a reference, I would assume that they would upgrade the front shocks or change the gearing.

...or they could offer an all red one, rather than the all black with grey or red accents.

...or they could change the fuel mapping.

...or a stiffer sway bar.

Hopefully they will also put some sort of inner rotor cover to keep the mudd off. (yes, as you all may know I've whined about this before.

What do you all think they'll change?

How soon before you think we'll see an HRC kit for the 700XX?

Either way these quads will only continue to improve as the aftermarket and the Honda find the holes as more seat time is earned on these machines.

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I'm thinking different color options and that's about it. If they change/upgrade the shocks, I bet the price will go up. I don't really expect any changes yet. Maybe on the 2010 model.
It came to late in the year for any changes. New color at best.
i dont think they wil change much but the colors and maybe new gear ratios,
PSW... What is this, I thought the gear ratios were perfect according to you.
I fond no problem with them but someone would like them a little more spot-on. They might change them but I doubt it.....they really dont have to.
So the members on here who actually own one and have mentioned they would like different gearing are just full of crap then in your book and don't know what they are talking about...
i dont understand what your saying. i think they are fine, some say they are a little off. to each his own. maybe they will make it so everyone is pleased some day.
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