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I am super excited to be riding red again. Thought I would list my ATV past. I started riding in middle school on friends wheelers and got my first in High School. Way back in the 80's! I have owned...
Honda ATC 110
Honda ATC 200 Big Red
Honda ATC 125 - 1985
Honda ATC 200X - 1985
Honda ATC 350X - 1985
Honda 400EX - 2001
Honda 700XX - 2008 (my current)
Non Honda...
Yamaha Warrior, Kawasaki Lakota, Kawasaki KFX450R, Raptor 700, also a KDX175 dirtbike. May be forgeting something. I had a ten year period with no atv's. I had gotten into mountain biking here in Colorado. Evolved into extreme downhill up at the resorts during the summer. Chair lift up and double black diamond back down. My downhill bike had 8" of travel front and rear. It was awesome. An injury ended that hobby.

The 350X is still one of my favorites I ever owned. I tore it down completely and did a full restore and mild motor build on it. It was beautiful and fun as hell.

How about you guys and gals?

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I had a Honda 90 Trike when I was a kid, I dont remember what year it was.
After that I had a 94 Honda 300EX, Unfortunately someone stole it from my house.
So after that I did not have anything for many years.
Next I had an 87 Yamaha Warrior that I rebuilt completely from a bare frame and I still have it as a spare bike for friends to ride.
Next I bought my wife & I each 2007 Honda 400EX's. A black one for me and a red one for her.
Now I have the 08 700XX.
Next year I plan on getting the wife a new 4x4, maybe a Rincon.

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The frist quad I rode was back in the late 80's, my dad bought a Kawaski Bayou 300 to use for hunting, but I used it more for playing on. After High School, I didn't ride at all untill end of 2000 when I bought Yamaha WR400 dirt bike. Bought a couple more dirt bikes over the next couple of years, then bought my 2004 TRX450R at the end of 2004. Started desert racing that 450R middle of 2005. After that, I decided I liked quads better then bikes, so sold the bikes over the next couple of years and bought a few more quads:

1986 TRX250R - Bought used summer of 2005. If I showed you a picture of what I bought compared to what it looks like now, you wouldn't even think it was the same quad. I should have just bought all the parts and assembled it myself, since I don't think there is anything still on it from when I bought it.
2005 TRX450R - Bought at the start of 2007. A local racing org sold raffle tickets for it all through 2006. They had the raffle at the start of 2007 and the guy that won it just sold it without riding it, so it was still a brand new quad.
2008 TRX700XX - Bought middle of 2009 brand new from a local dealer. Was with Ed Teixeira for a while as he used it to mock up all his Teixeira Tech 700XX products.
2008 TRX700XX - Bought used at the start of 2011. Bought it from a guy that lived outside of Phoenix, AZ. I think he only rode it to check his mail. (Lived about a mile or two down a dirt road.) The thing looked brand new.

Don't really have any plans for any new quads, figure five is enough for one person! Plus, all the quads I have are heavily modified, they would outperform anything I could get off the showroom floor anyway, so why buy anything else?

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