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For a living I work for our local government as an IT/Media Administrator. Basically means anything technical, I have to do. We are a small organization so I wear many hats. One of my responsibilities is to do the layout of our bi-monthly newspaper and take tons of pictures.

The still camera I have been using for nearly 7 years now is the Canon Digital Rebel DS6041. Yeah, I know its old compared to today’s cameras, but it was the sh1t back then has never failed me. 90% of all the pictures you have seen me post here have been taken with this camera. I do not use the lens that came with the camera because it is too narrow for me. I prefer a wider image, so I use the Canon 17-40mm wide angle lens. This lens cost me way way more than the camera did and is probably the best investment I ever made as far as still camera accessories go.

For video I used a number of video cameras. Some of you may know that my wife and I are independent film makers. We have our own film company called Sheephead Films. I have been doing this since my late 20’s. I’m 46 now. I have gone through many video cameras over the years as well as Super 8 and 16mm film cameras. I no longer have any of my film cameras, as I have sold them because film is way too expensive to use any more now days. Digital video is the way to go as far as film making costs go.

I have 3 pro-sumer (you don’t find these at Wal-Mart or Best Buy) standard definition 3CCD video cameras that I have had for years. One is a Sony TRV900 series, the other is an old Canon XL1 and lastly my Panasonic DVX100B. A few years ago I moved up to HD and bought the Canon XHA1. This XHA1 and the rest of my video cameras are pretty much old school now, as camera technology is forever changing on a daily basis. But needless to say, they are all really nice cameras and do the job well. I have made many films and music videos over the years with these and they have never failed me.

As for regular consumer video cameras go I use my Kodak Play Sport. It’s small, waterproof and shoots HD. Great for shooting video while riding, boating, camping, etc. I would like to get one of those GoPro HD cameras someday though.

There are some really great cameras out there, both video and still. Nearly every one of them has all the features you would want in a camera and then some. As far as when is the best time to buy one? That’s hard to say because technology is always changing. Camera models come and go. A camera that’s top of the line one day could be second best the next day. I always say buy what you want and can afford to buy. There is no reason to break the bank when it comes to technology.

In my experience, no matter what I buy, even if it’s on sale, discontinued or a closeout, it always seems to drop in price a month later.:steamed:

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