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Come Monday, look here for a first hand impression of the XX. Either that or me cussing my dealer and Honda for making me wait even longer and having to fix my damn Raptor so I can go riding/camping next weekend!

I'll be riding with my normal crew, the Outlaw, Raptor and Scramblers will be there, the 'Gade can't make it this trip...then we'll have something to talk about!

Don't want to get too far ahead of myself though, I gotta get her first!
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Well, sure enough, I drove 90 miles one way, even though there is a dealer right in my town (but they suck), and my XX was not there. They had the VIN and they SWEAR that it is in transit right now. My saleman also swears that he'll deliver it to me on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will be taking it straight up to the mountains on Friday, so I guess it'll get baptism under fire. Hopefully I'll have a lot of good things to say about it by the end of next weekend!!
No way in HE11 the overweight XX will handle my 700 Raptor except maybe in a lake sinking contest...
Handle it in what way? Thru the nice groomed trails and corners? No. But thru the rough, rocky, rutted crap? Yes. The Raptor and XX are different machines. The Raptor is a GREAT machine, no doubt, but I bought the XX for different needs than my Raptor provides.
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