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Parts Fiche

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Does anyone know where to get the sheet for the head assembly?
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Gimme a few minutes, I've posted this somewhere else.


Thanks you, Much appreciated
I downloaded all the fiche to view them easier, here they are
[email protected] dave mungenast ... i purchased my 2 quads and my acura mdx from mungenast in STL... shame he died because he was a true pioneer in the AMA ..and a very very NICE and GENEROUS man.... im fairly certain we all owe our love of hondas to him being the very first honda dealer in the USA.

side note (not hijacking your thread) .. Mungenast used to sponsor all sorts of riders/events/clubs/tracks ... not for profit, but because he truly loved and understood the value of motorsports and competition.

He passed away ..and now .. i don't know anyone sponsored in any way by Mungenast ... which is a shame....

these atv shops ..all brands... forgot somewhere that riders like us all pay their bills and fatten their wallets. True ..there are a few left that enjoy riding and the riders ... remember faces and names ... and earn loyalty ... all knowing that sponsoring a rider ..or the places that rider rides isn't very lucrative.

I hope in these leaner times these mega-motorsport dealerships (ya know the ones with all the brands under the sun) keep in mind the only reason they are in business is because of riders like us ... UTES are NOT the only atv... and not everyone will shop to save a couple hundred bucks if they would just do the right things again... (i know some people that will drive hundreds of miles and spend countless hours/days only to save a hundred bucks ... shame on you too).

I myself am tired of the tired ass "parts manager" or "parts department" schmuck that doesnt know dick about what your asking... and first thing he or she does is head over to the mega-rack of TR or PU catalogs because they know nothing about what it is you are searching for. Shit ..i can do that right on the net ..and have it shipped to me ... often times next day air ...cheaper than me driving to the shop and ordering it... On top of that ...its insulting that they expect us riders to pay 100% retail for something they DO NOT STOCK and know nothing about ..oh yeah ..and charge a 25% restocking fee if the thing they knew nothing about doesnt fit ..or isnt what you wanted to begin with. What happened to the days where you could hang out at the shop and BS about everything ... and someone was always around that seemed to know everything about ATV's and could answer almost any question you asked ... no matter how stupid it may have been.

anyway ... i hope yall talk to your local shops about sponsoring riders again ... sponsoring the local riding grounds ... even holding competitions for local riders ... because at the end of the day its not always about money.

lastly ... as yall know .. it takes a very special individual to purchase a sport atv. Its a very personal purchase. I'm not talking about a gifted person ... i mean the excitement and expectations of riding a sport atv ... the finesse ... power, weight ..and even sound are all on the list. We may or may not have utes as well, but we all know what im talking about with the sport atvs... and i really miss the days where the "parts guy" was an expert ... and wasn't arrogant about it ... and could understand what exactly I am talking about here.
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