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Perfect Drift

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One of the most retarded events ever.
Drifting is a gift that 99.9% of people are not given. It takes so much more skill and talent than people think.
Still retarded though.
You should try it and see if you can do it well. I bet you can't:D
Those with no appreciation for driving skills would think that way. Making a Civic go fast is more of an accomplishment than making a Camaro or Mustang go fast. Starting with less to make more is a huge accomplishment. I've seen many, MANY turbo 4's take down V8 powered and sprayed cars. I guess those that got beat justified the loss by saying the Civic driver was stupid for having a faster car??
That's funny you drive a Trans Am. I took one of those down the other day in my '10 BMW 135i. The look on the guys face after getting a beat down from a STOCK I6 with twins was priceless. It's possible it was the look of ignorance though...
The best I've seen in person was a [email protected] 106 with a DA of 255 in a stock auto. Buuuuut for about 1500 and you have over 450hp 450tq. More than enough to spank most of what you run into on the street.
You're gunna LOVE the 135i. I had a 335 coupe and the 135 handles so much better. It's like a go cart on rails. It's crisp and does exactly what you want it to do. Floor it and hang on cuz it'll get to 60 in a heartbeat. Push it further and you'll soon be at the 155mph (130 conv) limiter before you know it. Not that I have ever been there :hey:
Honestly you'll never feel the size difference unless you're a passenger in the back. It is VERY cramped. The feel up front is exactly the same as a 3 series. Unless you have had a 3, the look inside is the same. I notice a few subtle changes from the 3 in order to get costs down. But it is a little rocket car:)
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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