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Pics of XX at Seattle Show

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
But is that a white seat on it???? :x :eek:
thats so bad ass is there anything you noticed about it that you didnt know before. i love how the grab bar is so low. such a beautiful quad and once modified it will really look awsome. :)
No the seat was red. They had so many lights on that thing that it was causing really bad reflections in the photos. I really wish I would have had my camera, the photos would have been much better. I had no idea where the sway bar was, it is positioned down low in the chassis, in front of the shocks and a-arms, way different than the Outlaw. Also there are actually little mudscrapers attached inside the rear a-arms that are removable - very nice touch. Like I said before, this thing has to be seen in person to truly appreciate. Once you see it, you will be sold!!
I love it. The view from the back is so kewl. I cANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON ONE NOW!
great pics! Im going to a show in a few weeks, i really hope an XX is there!

thanks for the pics!!!
Were you able to see how the reverse engaged?
I didn't see where the reverse engage or switch was. But then again I wasn't looking for it. I was too busy looking at her rear end assembly, guess I'm an ass man after all....
lol yea its a beautiful ass i agree!! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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