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Piston sizes

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So I pretty much have no clue about pistons, cams, throttle bodies, and porting. I found a 12.5:1 piston for the xx and I wanted to know of any pros or cons vs a 12:1 or an 11:1. Also what cam should I run here? Hot cam stage 2?

Like I said before, I know very little about all of this. any help will be great. thanks.
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depends on the fuel u want to run... for PUMP GAS 91 id recommend a 11:1 CP piston....
race gas/mix then go 12.5 or higher
well in oregon our pump gas goes up to 93 octane. thats what I run in it now. not sure thats enough to go with a 12:1 though. If I go with a 12 or 12.5 and I run the 93, will that hurt anything? a little knocking maybe? I really dont want to pay 6 bucks a gallon for 100 octane.
I have the 12:1 CP piston but I run race gas with my build. I know a lot of the guys went with 11:1 so they could be ok on pump gas and they are making great power. I see Eric from EHS ran a HC3 on his project XX and it made good power. Here's a link to a HC3 for sale on our forum.
what would be the main difference between a stage 2 and a stage 3?
wow. Thanks a lot. that was a huge help. I might just run a 2 cam and an 11:1 piston until I can afford all the other parts and upgrade later.
eventually I wanted to port my head +1 valves. +3 throttle body. turbo? but all that is way in the future, so I figure I will start with the 11:1 and 2 cam then sell them for whatever I can get and upgrade later.
It all depends what you are looking to do. I overheated my XX and damaged my rings so when I took it apart I put in a stage 2 hotcam and 11:1 piston. It runs good for what I have seen so far. Bit I didn't plan on going for any bigger of a build. I didn't even really plan on this build but I figured since it was already apart might as well add some power
Did you notice much of a power gain when you went to 11:1 and hc2?
I don't know where you ride but IMO for the same price I would go with a HC3 and make more power. If you ride dunes I think it would be a better cam because it has more top end than the HC2 does and I know when I'm in the dunes I’m flying and not to worried about the low end power. Just my 2 cents
since I probably wont start this until the end of next month I will have to see how my finances are and go from there. just a lot of extra parts to buy for the hc3, not to mention all the core charges.
Maybe one of the guys much smarter than me will jump in on this one but I thought all the Hot Cams were drop in with stock springs and rockers.
oh. I was looking at the webb cam site.
hmmm. maybe its time to apply for a new credit card! haha
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