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with the cam and the xx it will really be about what your budget and hp expectations are. The hot cams are good because they are cheap with the xx you need more parts than other bikes with a overhead cam or rocker style with roller because you need to hardface your rockers this is an extra $150. With better cam you need better springs that will handle the added lift these are around $175 and once better ones than that are made they will be more as well the kibbles that everybody is using now will allow up to .440 lift (they say).

So to run a good (bigger) cam you need $300-$350 worth of supporting parts.

The cam is usally an extra $100 give or take so know you are at $450 extra

The good/bad when you get headwork done and progress your build you will never be able to reach its potential with a smaller cam designed for a stock head the power will be severly limited. The lift necessary for the larger flow numbers/hp will only be able to be supported by these bigger cams the smaller ones will work but it will be like buying a new liver from an acholoic sure it works but not very well.

So hot cams great for stock head next upgrade after big 3, more power, drop in, cheap, easy to install, etc. Bad for bigger builds though, bigger meaning almost anything with port work (bad meaning not that they dont make more power they will just not make nearly what bigger cams will make)

so figure out your budget and where you want to go and choose accordingly

the one point difference in comp wont make a big difference on power with a smaller cam i would go with 11.1 its just much easier for what gains you see and you dont have to worry about issues when you cant find good gas.

throttle body should be matched to cam/head
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