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plane crash in the river

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OMG can you believe that shit ... that jet crashing in the hudson river and NO ONE DIED.... WOW

wonder if any video will surface of this thing crashing... apparently the jet whacked a couple geese up in the engine and well ... bam in the river.
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I watched it on Fox news... They have a lot of pictures and video of the people getting out of the plane. I guess the pilot was a hero, not only did he miss coming down in populated areas but he also missed hitting a bridge...
You would have thought their goose would have been cooked!!

But seriously that was some amazing flying by the pilot!
Fast reacting boat captains got the people off the plane/water... All around there were a lot of heros here. From what they are saying, that plane was drifting in the water too...
Yeah, it never sunk!

It's moored someplace downriver now.

I thought I heard them say it floated downstream 4 miles???? Is that right???
Yea it drifted down river about 30-40 blocks. It;s tied to the pier near Battery Park now.
wonder how the insurance adjuster will evaluate that.
The pilot also walked the plane aisles many times to make sure that there was not a single person left in the plane.

It sure is too bad we don't hear more stories of people working together and being heroes to help others when in need instead of the violence and hate.
Retired fighter pilot??
He's been in tougher spots then... Wonder if it was in the Navy, he wasn't afraid to set it down on the water.
I'm not for sure, but I did hear he was in the Navy.
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