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It say's it's 304 stainless. So it should be able to be polished?
From many years in the jewelry making business I know that stainless can be polished to a mirror finish, but will require some special products than can be purchased online from any of dozens of supply outlets for jewelry making.

Brown Tripoli Buffing Compound... Will clean surface and provide a base for mirror polishing. Comes in a 1 pound bar @ $3.95 *Note: You will need muffler can removed to be able to turn it to get ALL surfaces. Bench mounted buffer with cloth buffing wheel works best. You will also need to clean muffler can with mild soap and water after each step to remove polishing compound residue. You don't want ANY remaining on part when you go to next step. You also need to remove it from buffing wheel. It's a wax based bar so Dawn dish soap works well.

2. Yellow Rouge Buffing Compound... For mirror finish... Also comes in 1 pound bar @ $6.50. Repeat above steps.

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