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political question

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hey just wanted to know if any of you knew this. I was watchin the debate and I always see them using the words pork barrel spending. does anyone know what this means, Im not into politics alot so Im not sure. :nuts:
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pork barrel spending is when a bill/law/resolution is introduced either in the house or senate....
example: the public is in an outcry because the stock market is crashing ..and the 3 major players in home loans and insurance are gonna go bankrupt...

a bill is introduced to stop this from happening again ..and some senator or representative will not vote for it unless they put say 40million additional dollars in the bill for a highway in their particular state district ... another represenative wants 20 million for a monument ... and another wants more money for libraries ... all pork on a bill that was/is originally intended to govern a problem on wall street.
Correct, and remember this every time those politicians point the finger at greed on wall street then turn around and take advantage of a bad situation to get something for their special interest ,who is worse? Politicians are the masters of the blame game ,taking no responability for any of this mess...
thanks guys that really cleared it up. I had an idea of what it meant but wasnt positive. thanks. :tup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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