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Pond Skimming

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Here's a few videos of my buddies pond skimming with their quads. The water is around 6' deep on the short run and about 15 on the longer run.

No, I will not do this on my 700xx. :p

My riding buddy, Danny:

My other buddy, Nat (Nat actually downshifts on the longer 300' runs!):

Another Raptor:


Same place, guy I don't know:

All images taken at Sand Hill ATV in Wiggins, MS.

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WOW, they are nuts.
They make a thing called a jetski/waverunner/etc for stuff like that...LOL
No kidding!

Guys do that on snowmobile's up north too. (it just looks a lot easier)

Also, Danny and Nat have "what to do when you've drowned your 4-wheeler" down to an art.

I have seen this done on sleds before and Mike LaRocco did it on his CR450...Never seen anyone try it with a quad...and be succesful at it.
Yeah I've seen some spectacular mistakes myself. I'm too chicken to do it on anyone elses quad much less my own. My buddy with the KTM wheelies accross a 15' wide by 4' (in the middle) section.

WOW lol that is some crazy shit!!!
I can just see my new $7000 fourwheeler.... sinking.
That's the thing it doesn't seem to have ruined the KTM or the Raptor. Sure they've had to change their oil many, many times but they are still running strong. The guy that owns the KTM, Nat - his 15 year old son does it to on his Outlaw 525s.

They just:

Drain the water from the airbox.

Pull the plug, get the water out of the cyl.

Change the filter and oil. (repeat x6)

After that, no more water in the oil, smoking or weirdness.

They do it so often out there now that they have rules for it.

1. Wear a helmet.

2. Wear a life jacket.

3. No swimming.

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Damn you, i had to watch those videos again, and then i got to watching other videos... two hours later... Think i'm going to get lunch now. I hate youtube.

That's the way youtube works, you start looking at one video...then another...then another...then another...."your wife called, says you're late for dinner"


That's the way youtube works, you start looking at one video...then another...then another...then another...."your wife called, says you're late for dinner"
Excactly! But we need some more 700xx exhaust videos!

On a side note. Looks like i'm headed up to RRMT this sunday.

I have a honey-do list to complete because we're giong to be gone for a week. (...and I'm bringing my quad)

My auto mechanic's two daughters race converted snow machines on open water oval track!
Yeah, I've seen a bunch of videos on youtube with people doing stuff like that with very expensive snow machines.

i have a couple videos of my skimin at wiggins but the longest run i did was 180' cuz i have no air box and at about 165' my filter gets soaked and my bike starts to bog down and i didnt want to be the guy to sink my s$%^like that kawi 400
I can't wait for the weather to warm up! I'm thinking about going back there this weekend for my birthday. I'll have to work the wife up for the drive though. (Austin to there sucks donkey)

trust me i know all about long rides to go ride i drive from slidell la to salt lake city ut every easter to rideat little sahara sand dunes


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Ha, my last post was a video from Little Sahara! (the one on OK, not UT)

i've skimmed a few long puddles.. never a river or lake though. i paid too much for my 700 to do that. with decent skid pans and some paddle tires the 700 would dominate that water though.
Yeah, come summer I might try some short ones if I grow a pair of steel ones.

Nothing big though, I'm still making payments.

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