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I was out riding yesterday and saw something very unusual. I spotted 2 other riders with 700xx's. In my riding, I've only ran into one other rider with a 700xx... and I ride almost every weekend. I was riding for the day @ Hollister Hills SVRA when I saw them. I made a point of finding where they were parked at and stopped to talk to them. Both of them had brand new/dead stock red/black 700xx's. You know I had to tell them about this site so that they will be able to get the right information about things like tires, rims, sprockets, shocks, etc. etc.
There are other sites that will give you mod information, but that information is "general" information and not quad specific like this site. For myself, I don't need to hear advice from someone who doesn't know our quad saying that this or that "should" work. I need to know what does work, not what should work. This is the only site that can give a person specific advice on our quad because the members have done it themselves and KNOW what works and where to get it.
I do hope that my 2 new 700xx friends join the group and get good advice for their new quads. Also, I feel outnumbered by all of the east coast members here. So, this California boy has to do something to get more west coast members.

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