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Power Comander V

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I just talked to the Dynojet guys at the Dealer Expo and they said that they will have the Power Commander V out for the 700xx in about a month.
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An O2 sensor to give the computer feed back on the air to fuel ratio so it can optimize its self.
I'll be selling my PCIII when that happens to get a PCV.

I'll be selling my PCIII when that happens to get a PCV.
i talked to a powercommander guy on the phone and they said as soon as they get a 700xx in there las vegas head quarters they will make a power commander 5 for it
I also have a request in to them to do a review for you guys.

Two weeks is the projected delivery date. They just got a 700XX there this past Tuesday. I have feelers out to both Fuelmoto and Dynojet for perspective pricing on both the PCV with and without autotune.

As soon as I hear anything look for a for sale thread with my PCIII.


That was my TRX700XX. I took it out this weekend. I love it. I had the Power Commander V installed and they have the map available for download. It don't come with a O2 sensor, that is part of the Auto Tune witch is plug and play once you weld the adapter on the pipe.
Which O2 sensor does it require?
Which O2 sensor does it require?
Yeah might as well get that bung put in now....

Also, MFR...what setup do you have? Are you stock? Did they dyno you?

Just got a quote from Dusty over at Dynojet.

The autotune part is $249.95 smackers, so you'd be looking at like $500 + for the whole friggin' thing.

Is it ready to ship?
O2 sensor comes with the Auto Tune. it is sold separate from the PCV. The Auto Tune is not required.
If they have it ready to ship I'll call them tomorrow and order one. It would be as close to a mass air system we'll ever see on the 700.
I am not saying you can order them yet. I took my 700xx to Dynojet and they installed it for me custom.
What about a standard 02 sensor? Why do you have to pay $300 smackers for one? Where does the 02 sensor plug into the PCV? Is the auto tune additional software or component? Why not try to bypass? Special plug? I am sure we could easily fab something up... just depends on the software I guess.
Quality Wideband sensors can reach into the 200$ range. Hopefully it comes with a bung, harness and some fancy hardware to 300$
I'm pretty sure it comes with the O2 sensors, I bet it doesn't come with the bungs though.

so if it comes with the sensor and the like, why not just get a bung? Bung kit is $20..
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