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Precision Racing Dampener

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First off ... this little item is worth its weight in gold....

it has a footprint about the width of a coffee cup ... and bolts on to the 2 cross bars on both sides of the steering stem by a real clamping mechanism.

To install it on the trx700xx ... the brake lines must be re-routed. If you are putting this thing on your quad ... im sure you already are doing the steel line thing ... so its no big deal.

The rectifier located on the very front of this area also needs to be turned around ... very simple ..3 minutes.

The first thing youll notice after installing this on your stem is this ... its black... its round ..and there are 2 screws in the front and one in the back ...which are the adjustments for side steering and straight.

it doesnt take many notches to really notice the difference ...if you wanna go straight like a rocket can make it damn near impossible to turn the handlebars ... or you can set it to let off after your tires are turned past a certain point (most people are not hauling ass and turning the tires at extreme angles so you dont need dampening ..but if you have it adjusted for straight lines ... your handlebars will want to straighten up at all times)... which is very very good indeed if you plow into some deep ruts, sticky mud, roots, water ...or pretty much anything that would normally jolt your handlebars to one side or the other... sometimes throwing you off the bike... jamming your wrists ..or even popping your ass in the side which really sux.

I really dont know how to explain the importance of all the above other than get one ... you will not be disappointed. You will want to ask for gary if possible.... real straight up guy on the phone ..and will take the time to explain anything/everything you may ask about steering ..or atv's in general.
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Another great review, thanks for sharing! :tup:
Nice review brother I agree 100% it changes your riding ability and longevity. How much did you end up paying?
i have 3 ... 400 each i think
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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