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pretty neat place!

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Hey Jim I really like it, looks like a great place for us future XX owners to hang at! Thanks for making it!

Should I spread the word? :)
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Great looking forum, I like it alot. thanks for the invite.

cant wait for it to get packed in here.

further more, cant wait to get my 700xx !!
and yes I think we should start spreading the word.
Looks great, I'll be using this place alot Im positive!
I'm sure it wont get too busy yet since noone owns one yet. But it should get better and better soon!
thanks for the invite, looks like I have a new home in the future. :D

great looking forum by the way.
looks good, I'll tell more people.
now if this damn ATV would just come out already, we would have something to talk about! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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