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Review for PRM-ATV's new heel guards and their grab bar.
[Note: I'll update with pictures later]

Ordering: Fairly painless. Placed the order and opted for 3-day shipping. Promptly got called and the pleasant lady informed they are located in Medford Oregon (an hour drive from me :lol: ) and they lowered the shipping cost. Got the product the day after I ordered it

Item Quality: Looks good. I like the look of both the items but thats obviously personal preference. All the welding is done by hand and I must say was rather impressed by how nice it looked

Installation: Like alot of aluminum products no surprised I had a few issues. I'll start with the grab bar

Grab Bar: Item fit perfectly but I had an issue with the supplied bolts. Two of them fit fine, but the other two were just not quite long enough :disgust: Not a huge issue, went to Ace Hardware and $1 later had two replacements. Got it installed, put my flag mount on and I'm pretty happy

Heel Guards: Here is where I ran into issues. One could have been avoided. They supply four bolts, the intention was you are supposed to use two each to attach into the foot peg and use the original bolts up top. I honestly really don't like how they designed this, for some reason they decided to attach it from the front instead of using the supplied holes down below. Not sure why they did this but maybe they had a reason

Now, their is only one hole in the foot peg, and I thought maybe you used one bolt down below and the other was for the hole up top. I was wrong. I tried putting the supplied bolt (english I think) into a metric hole. Unfortunately it went in enough and I started tightening it. Encountered surprisingly little resistance, then snapped the damn head off :cry:

So I drilled the dang hole out, but now I am short a bolt. Anyways, you have to drill another hole in the foot peg or the whole thing will wobble. I put it on just to see if it would work.

Overall happy with the company and both products, just don't be stupid (I blame the nasty cold I have right now :disgust: ) and be prepared to do some drilling and they will fit good. Also you might need to buy bolts
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