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Quad for a begginner girl

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I am looking for a quad for a girl that has only driven a rancher 350 with push button manual. I would like to get something that is quick, but not overly powerful. She is 22 and isn't really fond of using a clutch, but she'll learn if she needs to. I was thinking about a raptor 250 or 350, but I'm not knowledgeable of other quads along that size. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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honda 250 ex has a sport clutch shift with or with out the clutch but they are a tad on the slow side
Are these smaller quads geared way down, so they will have lots of low end power? If so, how much power do they have on the top end? Obviously, I don't know very much about the smaller bores. The Honda sounds good as long as it has enough power. I just want her to get something that she will somewhat be able to keep up with me.
i agree ... honda 250ex ... and as she gets better ... jetkit/exhaust/air filter ..and should hold her over until she can control it going faster...

she wont have to worry about dumping the clutch on a hill (although she will learn to use the brakes) and can slowly get the idea of using a clutch without being overwhelmed with killing it all the time (which isn't any fun and can lead her to not want to ride).
X 2 on the 250ex. Best bike for a beginner.
x3 on the 250EX

It's actually a pretty fun bike with a clutch and stall proof transmissions :D
Thanks everyone.

That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.

I guess that I'll be keeping an eye out for a 250ex.
Tack on one more for the EX and pick up a set of wheel spacers for the rear to help with stability. My step son has an 2006 that's piped, jetted and K&N filter that's a really fun bike to throw a leg over.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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