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Quad Review--Much better!

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Well, for all those asshats that have been sticking to only what the magazines have said, QUAD has a very good review on the XX in the new issue. They took it up in the trails, where it is meant to be rode and about the only complaint they had was the non-adjustable shocks. The test rider has reiterated everything us owners have said about it..mostly that once you get used to the way it handles that it is a great trail quad, should NOT be compared to a Raptor because it is a different kind of quad, and most listen....the WEIGHT IS NOT AN ISSUE AND IS NOT NOTICEABLE!!! It was nice to finally get some positive press from a REAL test. The guy that wrote the article and rode the XX does a lot of testing and writing for several websites as well as QUAD.
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Finally is right! I have been saying this since I got mine. Get it to Pa. and ride it where the riding is rough. I have been riding here (Pa.) for over 20 years and man does the xx shine! Yes, it does push a little and takes some getting used too, but once you do get used to it, YeeHaaa! I still miss my 450R, But I'm 42 and have some extra baggage, so the ride at the end of the day really makes me smile. For those of you that have never ridden Pa. It will make a man out of ya!:D Oh, Really cool poster inside Quad magazine too, Both sides. Haha
awesome Ill have to check out the article. which month is it in? october?
I think they come a month ahead so I believe it's the November issue.
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