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I'm installing a new .20 over Wiseco piston in my 2005 660 Raptor project, and have a couple questions about the fit.

I had the cylinder bored, and checked the piston clearance, and got .0021.
The factory spec is .0020 to .0028, and the Wiseco box says .0025 clearance, and doesn't give a range.
So I'm just inside the factory spec, but tight according to the Wiseco box. Will this be OK, or do I need to increase the bore?

Also checking the ring end gaps, I'm getting just over .012 on both the top and second rings.
The factory spec is .0118 to .0177.
The Wiseco instructions give a calculation of Bore X .004 for top ring, and Bore X .0050 for second ring.
This came out to be .0158 for the top ring, and .0198 for the second ring.
The Wiseco instructions also mention the end gap on the second ring should be larger than that of the top ring.
Again, I'm just inside the factory spec, but tighter than the Wiseco number. Also my top and second ring end gaps are the same. Will this be OK?
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