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I got out and rode the 700 all weekend and absolutely loved it! It was my first time riding a quad with a clutch and of course I stalled it plenty of times, mis shifted from first to neutral instead of 2nd and forgot to downshift at times but that will all come with more seat time.
Before I left I had already ordered the 11/16th sway bar and that will get put on this week. Like many have said before about the vibration. My hands also were numb and tingling every 45 min of riding. I guess I'll start looking into new handle bars, Precision Shock/Vibe setup or the CCP damper.

Such a great weekend riding!

What do you mean OR? Get both. Tell George at Precision I referred you. It probably won't get you a discount or anything, but may earn ME some points. George may also try to sell you his damper instead of the CCP. Either way, a damper is a must. Be careful on bars, the anti vibe clamp can't be used with Flex bars.

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