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rear wheel spacers

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ok i read that putting rear wheel spacers on will help in cornering and allow the rear to slide a little. if this is true, how wide of spacers do i need to install ? or is there a better way, maybe a different offset wheel ?
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Hmmm, I probably wouldn't go more than 1.5" on each side, just remember that it will soften up the rear shocks too because of the added leverage. Offset wheels will work also if they're available, but I'm not sure how much offset you'd be able to get to make a difference.
i noticed looking at it, the rear wheel are set in alot compared to other quads, the stance is alot narrower.:disgust:
A wider rear end will make the quad more stable assuming you have your shocks set up correctly, as the admin stated the wider a-arms will have more leverage over the rear shocks (again assuming you haven't adjusted them) and making them softer. This will also affect how well your stock rear sway bar works or doesn't.

So, you end up trading high speed stability (a wider quad) for something that corners better. Don't confuse SRA equipped quads with IRS either the two set up at the same width would require dramatically different riding styles.

Also, if you made the front end wider with wheel spacers and you didn't modify any of the stock steering you would quickly tire as you would suddenly have that much less leverage and when you hit something it would feel as though the bars were getting ripped out of your hands.

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Yes like Scuzz said, wheel spacers arent the way to go for the increases bump-steer.
i've had some spacers made up with 110mm pcd. i can now fit 10" wheels on the rear of my xx.
i havn't ridden it without spacers to be honest but i think it handles just fine.
You'll notice that low-speed cornering is harder now. I too made some "home made" spacers with some 10" raptor wheels that I drilled with the 144mm bolt pattern. They fit fine and cleared all the suspension parts but it made the shock rebound off and made it harder to turn.

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