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Ride review vs. 500 Outlaw

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I just got back from a weekend trip on the XX. This was my third 2-day outing on it, the second in the last 3 weeks. I put on my Pro Tapers and Trail Tech clamp. I must say that PosterBoy was dead on, the aftermarket bars make a huge difference in handling the quad, especially if you ride really aggressively. This past trip had a LOT of rough stuff, rutted out, rocky, real tight, downed trees, some real nasty trails mixed in with some really good ones. After really getting comfortable with it now, I will say that I can ride the XX just as fast as my Raptor on the trails, faster in some areas. I put that thing thru hell yesterday on an about 40 mile loop that had everything you could imagine. It was awesome riding, going thru ruts, rocks, over logs, blasting down the fire roads, climbing loose gravelly hills, and shooting thru trails lined with little trees so tight that it was like going down a tunnel. The XX is awesome!! I'm loving this thing more with every ride.

I switched with my buddy and his Outlaw 500 for a bit. That thing felt like a little kids quad after getting off of mine. It really wanders around on the trail, and the front end does NOT come off the ground. The XX rides so much straighter, and has such wider gears...and SO much more power. The Outlaw gets loose in the rear end really easy too, whereas the XX is constantly gripping the dirt. Sometimes almost too much! I did notice that the Outlaw did not push as much in the corners as the XX, but I wonder if that had more to do with the tires than anything else. When you ride the XX hard thru turns, the tires seems to scrub, or push a little. He had ITP GNCC's on his, and I think that those would make a big difference on the XX. When he rode the XX on the fire roads, he was grinning ear to ear. He wasn't as sure about it on the trail, but I could see why after riding his. They ride similar in the simplest form, i.e., they are sport quads with IRS, but other than that, they don't have a lot in common. This was the first trip where I really left him in the dust at times.I am SOOOO glad i bought the XX over the Outlaw, although the 525 Outlaw would have a much better engine.

I am still a little less than enamored with third gear and the bogging issue it has, but that is a small wart, and I hope that a pipe/efi controller may cure that a bit. I realized this last trip that the XX almost seems like it has two engines. It is calm, a bit soft on the bottom, but when you hit about half throttle, it just ERUPTS to life. The power is really nice.

That's the latest...more to come...

The next mods for me will be rear grab bar and hopefully a front bumper!
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Great review comparing the two, thanks! I'm sure it will help some people out. ;)
Gotta agree with ya on the 500. I only had a short ride on one, but really felt like I had seen enough in the first minute anyway. Just nothing about that machine felt right to me. I hope for polaris's sake the 525 "is" an improved machine...and not just in the motor department.
i didnt like the popo i rode either it is NOTHING LIKE THE XX! Still a ton better then the vfarce tho.
i didnt like the popo i rode either it is NOTHING LIKE THE XX! Still a ton better then the vfarce tho.
How would you know? You haven't ridden anything more then big wheel in mommy and daddy's driveway. Better yet, we all need a good laugh, tell us how you have ridden a V-Force or all the other quads that you have claimed to have ridden.
the v-farce is only faster up to about the middle of 2nd gear ...then bye bye french fry ... and the only reason the v-farce is faster earlier on is the added traction of 4x4 in take-off.

I have ridden both ... both at flat river in MO ... and even in the sand with 4x4 ..after 2nd gear that 4x4 couldnt keep up anytime there was a sudden turn.

personally ..i enjoy the elongated roost of more power behind 2wd takeoffs over an auto poopiepants machine ...but maybe its just me. Maybe when i get a bit older and need to haul around a wagon full of straw ..or feed the chickens ill get a ute.
I agree but the vforce isnt 4wd its 2wd auto shaft drive bro.
yea its a 2wd ute, might as well have 4wd tho might help it be quicker off the line.
Add a turbo and little fabrication and jump up to the 200 HP plus world... Read about it in ATV Rider, Nov issue.
well duh add a turbo to any quad and you will get a ton of HP but I did read that issue and the vfarce made less then 100 hp so whats so great about that i know banshees that make that with just porting and a stroker motor. get over your self.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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