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Rims 10x7 0r 11x7

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I need to get new rims and would like some opinions on which ones to buy 11x7 stock offset or itp 10x7, i know there is more tire selections with the 10x7 itp, with the 10x7 im concerned about the width, does it handle better with the 10x7 since they make it about 50 inches wide? and also what tire is everbody running with the 10x7, a 22 9 10 0r 22 10 10 or 20 inch. thank you for any advice.:confused:
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I run the 10 inch t9's and I love them the bike slides easier and feels more stable. I have the 20xx inch razr 2's and for trails riding I don't think there's anything better. I also ran the stock front wheels for a while and this setup worked fine for me.
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