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The intake can be modified to flow what is needed but the twin exhaust ports compared to the single one will scavenge better it is easier to keep the velocity up in 2 smaller ports instead of one large one. I can get more technical if you want me to.
I will give this example of velocity in an exhaust.
We have a KX250F that we built for Don's Kawasaki in Pa. last year that makes 42hp to the rear wheel. I was playing with different exhaust head pipe diameters the stock one comes out at 1.375 then expands to 1.75. I built a head pipe that was 1.5 out of the head the same way the stock one was but 1/8 inch bigger and it lost 2 hp over the smaller one (velocity is the key to scavenging efficiently)
Hopefully this helps.
So you're saying theres a chance?

Someone should definitely give this a shot and find out if its worth it. Awesome!
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